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What is the project about?

The Action was prepared as a response to the recognised insufficient involvement of civil society in the public dialogue related to media policies, as well as a decline in media freedoms causing a direct impact on democratic development. The Consortium of three partners (BIRN, The Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia – NUNS and the Slavko Curuvija Foundation – SCF) with a wide experience in this field, worked jointly to develop this action that will primarily affect the building capacity of the civil sector in Serbia in order to get involved in creating media policies as well as represent their own interests in the media sphere.

Project goals

The Project implies that the Consortium will, together with the chosen representatives of civil society, public officials and other relevant institutions and individuals, work on creating conditions for free and various media to exist and act freely. Such media will be acting in the public interest under the assumption that the freedom of expression is one of the essential foundations of healthy democracy, which can only be exercised in a free and healthy media environment. Therefore, the project’s specific objective is to empower civil society to influence the creation, implementation and evaluation of media policies. This project is primarily an initiative that will enable a higher degree of civil society participation in media policies decision making, thus contributing to the legitimacy of the decisions. Besides, there has been planned a systemic approach to influencing the legal frame and the advance of media practice in the public domain, while proposing the public support for the suggested changes at the same time.

  • Democracy and Human Rights
EuropeAid reference
Europe Aid/152728/DD/ACT/RS
  • -Monitoring and evaluation
  • -Research Team set up
  • -State Financing Effects Monitoring (SFE Monitor)
  • Monitoring of implementation Media Strategy (2016-2020)
City / District
Belgrade and other cities in Serbia
EU Contribution
361,459 €
Implementation period
December 2016 - December 2019
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